Le monde de STATICE

The world of STATICE Paris

Express the essential function of the feminine swimwear, through well-though cuts and high-quality fabrics – that is the mission of STATICE Paris which collections naturally sublimate the harmony of the feminine body.

Back to basics

Convinced that beauty relies in purity and simplicity, the brand goes beyond trends to give birth to a swimwear with refined lines. Cuts are technical and finishing is precise to guarantee a great comfort at wearing as well as a relaxed yet slender look, for all shapes.

The harmony of the body

The STATICE swimwear has been created to reveal the natural beauty of the feminine body, and to draw the contours of a woman playing with her elegance with no compromise on comfort. In a very graphic world, the STATICE style identifies itself with its modern yet timeless, uncomplicated yet fine style.

Exclusive fabrics

Our material is exclusively European. The fabrics, comfortable and resistant, guarantees a good body support with a slight shaping effect. From Italy, it is produced in an eco-compatible way in line with the SensitivEcoSystem® program which addresses protection of the environment.